WordPress alternatives | Best aternative names of WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular and trending blog platforms to make a blog site. In generally 57% of the blogging sites build on WordPress. But except WordPress, few popular WordPress alternatives are available that can be a better one to build a website.

Actually, WordPress is a user-friendly platform for blogging or any other site. That is the only reason that’s why it is so popular. Apart from that few alternatives are there which comes with very high-security programming and as well as SEO-friendly too.

Here I will show you some of the popular names of WordPress alternatives.

WordPress Alternatives

Best WordPress alternatives to build a website:

  • Joomla:

    Joomla is an open source blogging platform for CMS like WordPress. It’s all function is same as WordPress. Infect it has more than WordPress.

After WordPress, Joomla is the largest platform that is already used for millions of websites.
It also comes with thousands of free templates, plugins to design their sites.

If we compare with WordPress, it is little harder to build a blog but its SEO technique and mobile-friendliness are more comfortable than WordPress.


  • Drupal:

    Like Joomla and WordPress, Drupal is one of the popular open source Content Management System. Its internal programming structure is very strong and user-friendly too.

    If you research on that field, you will see that there are 2.1% websites powered by Drupal.
    In fact, there are many government sites that run on this platform.


  • Weebly:

  • Here I will put weekly in the third position of my list. Weebly is one of the best flexible free/paid hosted website building platform.
  • Like WordPress and Joomla, it also comes with pre-designed themes and if you want to change the design by own, don’t worry- it’s just a drag and drop process.
  • Normally free Weebly sites come with subdomain names (Like- yourdomain.weebly.com). But you can use the custom domain for your Weebly site.
  • weebly
  • Blogger:

  • Blogger is another popular platform for blogging. It is a free blogging service from Google. That means if you want to create a blogger site then your site will be hosted on Google.
  • Compare to other blogging platforms, it is very easy and reliable. There are thousands of templates available for blogger.
  • In generally all the blogger site comes with sub-domains, just like “yoursitename.bogspot.com”. But you can use a custom domain for your blogger site.
  • Apart from that, it’s sidebar shortcut options can give a chance to very new and existing user to handle their blog on that platform.  Previously I was talking about themes. So if you want to install any external themes, Blogger has an option to install any external. But the condition is that Blogger only supports the .xml theme files.
  • blogger
  • Tumblr:

 Tumblr is one of the popular platforms for blogging. It comes with 60% similar function as Blogger.
Tumblr has both free as well as premium services. For a normal or small business purpose, its free version is enough.

There are thousands of free and premium templates available. All the free and premium user can use those themes on their Tumblr blog.

And one more think you can use custom domain on your Tumblr site. From 2013, Yahoo linked with Tumblr, so you need a Yahoo account to use Tumblr.


If a non-technical person wants to design their site/blog by own and wants to make dream blog then Wix is the best place to do. It is just a drag and drops technique to design a site.

Wix is nearly same as Weebly and Tumblr. Its paid version is more effective than free for small business. Actually, Wix is mainly for eCommerce sites. About 80% Wix site are eCommerce site.

It has both free and premium services. Same its free account sites come with “domain.wix.com“. That means it is a sub-domain site, but don’t worry you can use a custom domain name for it.

But, its paid version is more effective than free for small business. Because on Wix’s premium account, you can customize your Wix site with some premium blog which directly means that you can make your site better than a free Wix account.


Another name of WordPress alternatives for online business:

Shopify is especially for online store sites (Like eBay, Yepme, aBof etc). So, if someone wants to integrate their online stores through the internet then I am suggesting to use Shopify platform for the online store or business purpose.

So, Shopify also comes under the list of best WordPress alternatives for online stores purpose. The advantages of Shopify is – it also comes with Android app feature which is the trending one of today. So, you can easily optimize your online store blog compare to other comparable sites.


Those are thinking to concentrate on blogging then WordPress is not a best one for them compare to Ghost. Ghost is one of the best platforms for blogging.

Actually, its internal user interface is suitable for writing and reading. And apart from that its article optimizing technique, linking technique, sharing etc is very easy. So based on that topic, Ghost is a real competitor of WordPress.


 That’s it, I think you understand well about alternative platforms of WordPress. Though there are lots of competitors available for WordPress on the internet. But WordPress always be flexible for blogging and everyone.

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  2. WordPress is a good CMS for sure, but the growth of small CMS are certainly worth a look.
    Ours for example (Pulse CMS) is light and easy to install and customers find it really easy to edit. It’s good to look at as many alternatives as you can

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