Tubemate For iOS 13 | How to download & use Tubemate on iOS Devices.

Tubemate always is a YouTube video download lover app for all Android and iOS users. For Android, we get this app easily, but for iOS users, to install this Tubemate app isn’t easy.

Initially, Tubemate developer developed this app for Android devices and spread on the internet as an APK file. After some time, they realize it becomes more popular for Android. After that, they develop the iOS version for the Tubemate app.

Right now, Tubemate comes out for iOS 13 version which has awesome UI techniques for iOS users. What do think? Try this one of the best YouTube downloader apps on your latest iOS 13 devices.

tubemate ios

If we come on the field of iOS devices, there are many iOS user uses our latest Tubemate iOS app. Though we found a pro version of the Tubemate app for iPhone Operating System users, we recommend you to install this Tubemate iOS 13 application.

All of us know that the security of iOS apps is a hundred times better than the Android app. Because of this, they are downloading the Tubemate app for iOS 13 is not an easy one.

Today, through this article, we are going to discuss with you how and why every iOS 7/8/9/10/11/12/13 user installs the Tubemate app on your device.

Tubemate For iPhone/iPad/iOS Devices:

If we talked about the Tubemate app or Tubemate Pro for iOS – 7/8/9/10 device, the Tubemate app is not so trending. But we recommended using this amazing featured app on your iPad. It is easy, just like the play, pause, resume, and download, as you required.

On the Apple store, you will find thousands of downloader which can download YouTube videos easily on your iPad. Among all of these apps, Tube Mate is one of the best apps.

Are you still thinking of installing the Tubemate for your iPhone?
In the next paragraph, we mention elaborately the reason that’s why we recommended this fantastic app.

Why choose Tubemate for downloading YouTube videos?

Choosing Tubemate for free downloading any YouTube videos is not a shocking thing.
Everyone likes positive and flexible thing for any viewing and downloading any HD videos for free. Tubemate is such a type of app that has the same capability when we talked about downloading any YouTube videos.

tubemate pro for ios

Tubemate comes with a pre-loaded YouTube virtual app, which gives you to surf videos as you do on the official YouTube platform. Just the difference is that Tubemate comes with a YouTube platform as well as a downloading option for any regular or HD video for your iOS/iPhone device.
Now take a look at the features of the Tubemate app for iOS; that’s why everyone iOS user needs to use Tubemate on their device.

Apart from that, there are few Pc users those are like to use Tubemate For PC.

Features of Tubemate For iOS Or Tubemate Pro iOS:

  • Tubemate able to download every YouTube video in any quality.
  • It works on minimum internet speed (2G) also.
  • Tubemate is very reliable for every iOS version 5,5s,6s6s,7,8,10 device.
  • You can choose the resolution and size of your downloaded videos manually.
  • Use very less amount of CPU and RAM of your device.
  • Simultaneously, you can download ten videoes at a single time.
  • Like Youtube, you can play, pause, resume every YouTube video.
  • You can convert online YouTube videos to the mp3 file.
  • Most Trustable apps compare to any Youtube downloader for iOS.
  • Easily download from the Apple iTunes App Store site.
  • Also, update anytime without network disturbance.

These are the feature that Tubemate iPhone Operating System have.

How to Download the Tubemate iPhone app?

As I mentioned at the beginning, Apple always maintains its security of any app or any device-related issue.
Tubemate developer launched their app as an APK file on the internet for Android. But, there is no official app launched the Tubemate app on the Apple App Store.

Rather than that, there is an App available on Apple iTunes Store named Tubemate HD. The function of both apps is the same. But if anyone using Cydia app on their iPhone devices, there is an alternative app available on Cydia named SnapTube, which comes with the same feature as regular Tubemate Application for iPhone/iPhone Operating System users.

Here I put the downloading link to Tubemate HD App. Just click to download the latest version Tubemate Pro app for your iPhone.

download tubeamte iOS

This link will be redirected directly to the Apple iTunes App Store, where you will find Tubemate for iOS devices to download your favorite YouTube videos.

Tubemate Alternative Apps for iOS – Similar Tubemate App:

In the list of Tube Mate alternative apps, the SnapTube app is the most competitive. Apart from that, Video Downloader PRO, eDI Lite, Ultra-Downloader Plus are those competitors that have a similar feature that Tubemate and SnapTube app.

Tough we mention these popular alternative apps in this article, Tubemate is always the best video downloader on YouTube.

Video Tutorial To Download Tubemate on iPhone 13 Devices:


Grabbing popularity on the Android App market, iOS user also steps up in that field. Nowadays, many iOS keep interested in it and want to use the Tubemate iPhone app for downloading YouTube videos on their phone. If you are thinking that Tubemate will not be going well on your iOS device, then you can choose any of the alternatives apps which you like.

And also, in this article, I discussed the feature of Tubemate, why you should go for it, and how you can download Tubemate for iOS. Hopefully, it will be helpful for you.

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  1. I tried to follow the link you give out so as to download the app but was told that it was not available in Nigerian store and likewise that of the USA.Please how can I download this app to my iPhone. I use iPhone 6s Plus.Thanks

    • According to your feedback notification, it might be shown due to the region (location). I suggest you, to change your location first with any IP changer then try to download this Tubemate App.

  2. Thanks bro for this write up.since I change my phone from android to iPhone,I have been looking for a reliable ,free and useful app like tube mate on the iOS App Store without success .All the free dommloaders I saw cannot do the job as tubemate

    • @ogunleye o lu so la… Tubemate is the best one bro. Download this app again on your iOS device from the given link and use the Tubemate app on iOS device.

  3. Yes bro, snaptube is a nice app to download YouTube video. I am using it for last 4 month.
    But today I install Tubemate on my iPhone. Actually, it is more than flexible compare to SnapTube.


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