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WpAllPress is always aware of the Privacy Policy system. People Visits our website, and for future help purpose, they give their information on our online server. We follow the PII(Personally Identifiable Information) system which mentioned in the US Privacy law. We always try to help others with our latest updates. We do not provide any copyrighted content through our website. To read the full description of our Privacy Policy system, please look on next.

Who are we & what we have on this Privacy Policy page?

We are a community world of WpAllPress where we discuss all the latest tech related stuff. We have several categories on this website. Here we have all the help page for everyone.

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Our Audience Information Protection Rule:

When someone entered on our website and registered for future Email service, then we take our visitor’s Email Id, Name, and Website Url(If they gave) for customer verification and notify them of our latest update. All of these happen when someone subscribes to our Email subscription option.

We are not selling any of our audience’s personal information to anyone.

We always scan our website on a regular basis to detect malware and other vulnerable potential issues.

According to the latest updates of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we are following all the guidelines and accordingly update our websites for our real audience.

In our website, we use some third-party links for the better explanation to our visitor, and all the links are genuine.

With all these, we also follow the CaIOPPA (California Online Privacy Protection Act.) law to serve better as we do now.

Your Contact Information:

As we told you, we collect your contact information for future contact purpose. Most importantly, we store your contacts for six months. After that we remove your information from our database.

For Cookies:

We use website cookies. These type files are small where your browser take some information through the internet. These files used for memorising some information in your web browser.

We receive these cookies for improving our website experience.  Sometimes, our visitor Turn Off the cookies enable Option of their browser, in that case, some of our signature features will not show them.

For Comment:

In our website, we use Akismet anti-spam service to block or identify the spammy comment. We don’t accept those spammy comments on any of our URL.

Last Update: 28th May 2018.

We also have WpAllPress Disclaimer page. Go through that page and check.

Apart from that if you want to know anything else regarding WpAllress Privacy Policy, then please: