Pokemap Live APK – How to download Pokemap live app?

We all know that the latest Pokemon GO is a trending game worldwide. There was so much craze about the game initially when it was introduced. Following the so much popularity of the game, many app developers have developed third-party apps that are liable to simplify the gameplay of Pokemon GO. Pokemap Live Apk also such an app that was designed to boost the gaming experience of the best Pokemon GO map. Technically, apps like Pokemap Live 1.31 adds some advanced features to the very official game.

What Pokemap Live does to the game is it shows the available Pokemon nearby in real-time to the players. The app works so much, similar to the PokeVision. However, PokeVision is shut down lately; thus, you may rely on the Pokemap Live. This Pokemap App 2020 works best as PokeVison.

pokemap live apk

Pokemap Live for Android [Latest]:

If you are an Android user and wish to play Pokemon Go on your handy device, Pokemap Live would help you play even better gaming. The official Pokemon GO game itself has a feature to find nearby Pokemon under a sure radar.

However, there are limitations or glitches encountered by the Pokemon GO players. This is why Pokemap Live, like additional apps, is required.

Pokemap Live v1.31 lets you find Pokemon within a larger area. All you have to do is download, install, and launch the app.

Through the app window, you will discover many Pokemon that could not be visible from the official game. All the spotted Pokemon are shown in real-time. You may log in to the Pokemap Live using your Pokemon GO account and start exploring new beasts.

pokemap live app

Pokemap Apk Information:

Apk NamePOKEMAP Live Apk
Apk File Namepoke map-live-1-31.apk
APK Versionv1.31
CategoryOnline Pokemon finder (Cheat)
File Size5.56 MB
Developed BySkiplagged
Android Version Req. Min Android 4.0.3(Ice Cream) and Max Android 6.0(Marshmallow)
Package Namecom.skiplagged.pokemap
Total Downloaded778,184
Root Required Or NotNo Root

Latest Pokemap 1.31 Apk – Find Pokemon Nearby [Instantly].
pokemap download


Some of the most sought-after features of the Pokemap Live are as follows –

  • The app is updated to improve its service regularly.
  • The app is very light in weight and comes in only 5.56 MB size.
  • Pokemap Live works conveniently in Android OS versions from 4.0.3 to the higher ones.
  • The latest Pokemap Live comes with improvements as such better reliability, fixes of crash and errors, etc.
  • The new version of the app comes with more reliable search options.
  • Users don’t necessarily need to login their Pokemon GO account, however, login is also accepted.
  • My Location button is now more visible and user-friendly.
  • It works way better than the official game and PokeVision in spotting Poke monsters.
  • It has a user-friendly and straightforward interface every novice players would love about.

What’s New:

  • Faster search capability for Pokemon’s,
  • Minimize Ad size by the developer,
  • Also, minimize the size of Login option,
  • Small personal location add button,
  • Fix error detection on Pokemap application,
  • Better and faster technology added to the Pokemon search.

I assume, by now, you are much tempted to try out Pokemap Live APK. Before you wish for downloading the app, you should be aware of the fact that this app is not officially available in the Google Play Store.

So, to enjoy the Pokemon GO supporting app, you will have to get from an unknown source.

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Download Pokemap Live APK for Android – 2020:

There is numerous third-party app store available as an alternative to Play Store. Nevertheless, as the app stored is not authorized by Google, and there are also risks involved with the unknown sources, your Android device, by default, is set to deny installing any tool derived from third-party sources.

So, installing an APK file downloaded from an unknown store will require some changes in the device settings. Follow the guide as instructed as below to get the job done.

  • First of all, open your device “Settings” menu.
  • Now, tap on the “Security” option from the settings list.
  • Finally, under the Device Administration option, tap to enable the “Unknown sources” option.

That’s it, now your Android Smartphone or Tab is all set to run with the Pokemap Live app.

How to Download and Install Pokemap Live APK on Android?

I am suggesting only the trusted third party source for downloading Pokemap Live APK for any untrusted source might contain malware or bugs which are dangerous to your Android system mechanism.

Step 1: Firstly, download Pokemap Live from the link shared below.

Download Latest Pokemap 1.31 Apk – Find Pokemon Nearby [Instantly].
pokemap download
Download Latest Pokemap 1.30 Apk – Find Pokemon Nearby [Instantly].
pokemap download

Step 2: Once you are on the downloading web page, hit the “Download” button.

Step 3: The app will start downloading immediately.

Step 4: Once the Apk file downloaded, locate the data from the download section of the browser.

Step 5: Tap the button to open the file, and then hit the “Install” button.

Step 6: Accept the terms and conditions.

So, that’s how you can install the Pokemap Live APK on Android devices. As the app is very light in weight, downloading and installing the APK file won’t take much of a time.

Once the installation process is done, you may launch the app and enjoy your Pokemon GO game on a whole new level.

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