How to install Apk file on android (Download to Installation guide)?

Downloading any Android Apk file from the internet is a common thing. Though maximum Android apps are available in the Google Play Store, 30 to 40 percent Android user searches on the internet for Apk file. They download and then install Apk file on Android device. But many of them are unknown to the answer – how an Apk file downloads for Android devices. Here Wpallpress will show you the shortest method to do this job.install apk fileAs we usually download any audio and video files from the internet, the downloading process and open Apk file technique are very similar to each other. But in case of Apk installation, there is a small process left to complete this process correctly. We will tell you the whole process.

What is Apk file & how to install Apk file on any Android device?

Do you know, what is Apk file?
Actually, Apk file stands for Android Package Kit file. Apk is a package formate file of an Android app just like .exe file for Windows, or you can say that it is a zip file type.

Android apps and Android Apk files both are same. The only difference is that these two files have different format of the file structure.

Without bothering you, just move to the installation process of Android Apk file.

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How to Download and install Android apk file?

As we discuss in the previous paragraph, to download any .apk file for Android is normally like we do download any photo, audio & video file. But not like to download any game or apps from Google play store.

At first, search on the internet by any apk file through internet browser search box and download that file on your device.

Now, don’t be hurry for the installation. Just remember that installing any Apk file on Android device which means you are installing third-party apps.
Our Android device normally doesn’t allow to do this. As for reason, you need to change an option on your mobile Setting.
So, follow my steps:
Go to SETTING > SECURITY.Apk file downloadThen click on Unknown Sourcesinstallation Apk fileI think you already did this one. Now you are ready to install the apk file on your Android device.

Apart from that if you would like to install every Android app on your Google Play Store (Savest and smartest way to load any Android app), I recommended you to go for it. Because there are many affected file comes with Android Apk.

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So, here all about it.
If you are new and want to install Apk file on your Android phone, I am sure that now you can download and install any apk file on your phone.

If you think that we miss any important thing during this discussion then please share your opinion on the comment box.

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