How to increase direct traffic to your website by double

After doing everything with SEO, every website needs traffic through organic search, direct traffic technique, referral source or social networking etc.

For a website, the utilization of traffic sources is very important. Though everyone targetted for the organic search. It is very important for every owner to understand its website traffic sources, but 20-35 % of website traffic depends on referral traffic, direct traffic, social traffic etc. Focusing on that metrics, you can’t depend only on organic traffic.

direct trafficBefore going to enter in the depth, you should know a little bit about it.

What is direct traffic?

Directly entered to your website through different sources or if anyone entering your site who already knows your website URL is also called direct traffic.
You can’t consider those traffic as direct who comes from any referring links like the social link, bookmark link and much more.

But if you want to know better, then you should know about its relative traffic sources (Organic Traffic, Referral Traffic, Paid traffic etc).

Organic traffic is directly related to SEO. Actually, all the traffics of Google or other search engine pages are considered as organic traffic.
Organic traffics are really cool for a site. Because these are countless and always comes from the unexpected way.

Second, referral traffic is coming from any indirect website link, social bookmarking and much more. Compare to the number of organic traffic, referral traffics are very less in numbers but you can’t neglect it.

At the initial stage, it is very hard to get search engine traffic. At that time Hubspot can help you for referral and paid traffic.

Maybe you are thinking that how to increase direct traffic and referral traffic for your website.
So, today I will discuss the easiest strategies to increase the direct traffic for a website.

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How to increase direct traffic on your website?

You know that traffic is all in all for a website. At the initial stage, getting traffic directly from any sources is not an easy one.

direct traffic

But, you have to target it for your first boost. Then you will get a certain level of traffic using direct traffic technique. But here I will show you how can you break the normal method and able to get more and more traffic using this one.

  • Social Share: You can’t expect a huge traffic at the initial stage for your site. You need to start it from zero. On that case, Social media is a right place to start up.
    Using social media is a common thing for everyone. If you connected with right person through Social Media sites like – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Flickr, Stumbleupon etc. then you have a chance to get a huge traffic at the beginning.
    Apart from that if you talking about the SMM (Social Media Marketing), then you should follow some technique to attract your visitors.
  • Advertisement:  Advertise market is one of the trending technique applied by any blogger. It is one of the huge platforms for publishing any content etc.
    Under this field, Google Ads, Facebook Ads are in the top. Every small and big businessman target this two platforms. Actually, this service gives a chance to every blogger to push manually and as a result every move on that.
    I personally recommend using this platform at the initial stage.
  • Web Optimize/Analyse: Optimizing and analyzing your site on a regular basis is very important. In a normal word, everyone wants an updated page, just like Google does.
    It is very important that you should active your site in every day and ping Google that I am active on my page.
    Rather than that analyzing your competitor is very important for your progress.
  • Look on Guest Posting: Posting an article on other relevant sites with your page link is one of the great technique to get traffic. Infect, Google also calculate your page weight targeting on guest posting.

These are the techniques that you can follow if you are targeting to get direct traffic.


Getting traffic from different sources are tough for a beginner blogger.
But if you want to boost your web page at the beginning, I think this tips will help you to step up.

Finally, here it is the technique for you to increase your web page traffic in a short time.

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  1. Really awesome guide. I have seen many blogger to discuss on that topic. But Seriously u describe well and I will surely look hard on direct traffic sources for my site.


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