How to download viber apk on your Android device?

Free video calling apps are the most trending app one to communicate with other people. The percentage of using video calling app increased by around 65% compared to a regular voice call. As for a reason, there are thousands of video calling apps comes on the internet for both Android and iOS user. Viber – free video calling app is one of them. Though Viber is available for iOS users, it is especially for Android. Usually, Viber app is available in Google play store, but only for Android users, it is also available on the internet as Viber Apk file.

Viber apkIf you don’t know anything about Viber App, so today I will discuss for you- how to download Viber app on your Android and iOS device and why you should use Viber for video calling app.

Viber App for Android:

As I told you, Viber app is trendy for Android user. It is a real competitor of Whatsapp and Facebook. As the days passed, the user of Viber increased rapidly through worldwide. Usually, every Android user can download this app from Google Play Store.
If any Android device is having a problem to download Viber app from Google Play Store, in that case, they can download as Viber Apk. Now the question is – how can you download its Apk file in a short time. Here I will show you the shortcut process.
Before going to the downloading process, you should know its features and why should you use Viber for video call.

Features of Viber – Free calls and messages:

  • Instant video and audio calling,
  • Support HD Calling,
  • Quick online chatting conversation technology,
  • Online chat sticker available,
  • Work better on low mobile speed,
  • Smart-notification system with instant alert feature
  • Fast conversion switching technology,
  • Block any mobile contacts like Truecaller app,
  • Photo doodle feature of any storage image,
  • Able to hide your status and chats history instantly.
  • Viber Apk download – easy process to load Viber app on Android.

These are the feature that Viber app has in its latest version.viber appNow let’s see the process, how can you download.

Download Viber Apk for Android:

So, you want to download Viber Apk on your Android phone. It is a straight-forward process. But on the internet, there is many Viber Apk old version available for Android, Like – Viber 3.0, Viber 5.2, Viber V6.0.0, Viber V6.9.5, etc.
From my point of view, you need to download the latest one. Because in the newest version, it will be loaded with full of most recent feature which will help you to make an online video and audio calls in a quick time.
At first, download the latest Apk file of Viber (Viber V6.9.5) from the given link.

DownloadI think you already downloaded this Apk file.
If you think to download an older version, then here it is for you:

Viber Apk Version  Download Links
Viber V6.7.2Click Here
Viber V6.6.1Click Here
Viber V6.4.1Click Here
Viber V6.3.0Click Here
Viber V6.2.0Click Here

As this downloaded file is Apk file, it is not a trusted one for any Android device. That’s why you have to do one thing that tells your android phone to permit you to install this app.
Just see, how can you do this.
Open your Android device Setting > Application Setting> Unknown Sources.
Now, tick the “Unknown Sources, ” and you are ready to install this as well as any Apk file on your Android device.

After the installation process, Viber will ask you some confirmation message. After that, you can use Viber on your Android device.
It is one of the alternative ways to download Viber app on an Android device.

You can install directly from Google Play Store, Just by clicking on the below given link.

Google Play storeAfter all the Android and iOS devices, Viber- Free calls and messages is also available for PC users too. In the next part of the article I will show you- how can you download Viber app on your PC.

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Download Viber for PC user:

To download Viber for PC or Windows user can be done within two different processes.
First of all, You can download Viber messenger app set up from this link and use this app in a standard way as Android does.Viber for PCIn the second process, you need to install an Android emulator like- Bluestacks, KO Player, Droid4X, Windroy, etc.
I think this emulator software will be comfortable with your PC.
So, at first download one of the emulator on your PC. After finishing all the installation process, you will see a virtual android platform create on it.
Now, you can download your favorite Viber app from Google play store through this emulator.


So,  I think there is no further elaborate description needed for you. In this article, I told you – how you can download Viber app on your Android phone and as well as for PC user. And also mention that Viber app can be downloaded from Google play store and also downloaded as Viber Apk from the internet.

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