We are making a copyrighted-free website for all of our audience. We don’t post any copyrighted content that already published on other websites/blogs. If mistakenly, any material or content posted on our site, the original right person has a legal right to claim to our administrative team to remove that content immediately.

How Can These Problems Solve Immediately?

  • The real right person needs to send the copied material with both the URL(His/her site URL along with our site URL). In that case, if we found a positive result, we will remove that copyrighted content/material immediately from our site. And we will not see for the second time whether it is images, videos, and any other thing.
  • After all these things, if the real right person does claim again, then we will redirect or replace the application link to any official links like Ios app store, Amazon sites, Google Play store sites.
  • We already discussed some of the policy violation rules and regulations on our privacy policy page. Though we uploaded all the files here after two times cross-check, anyone downloaded any data from our site at their own risk.

Here we are giving a simple guideline to write the proper copyright claim form.

  • You need to write a proper application from the administration site/email with the official email address,
  • Mention the particular website with individually copyrighted material (With specific screenshots or highlighted words). During this process, for any query, you can contact us. We will get back to you within 7 to 10 hours,
  • Finally, if we found any negative things on us through your mail, we will delete the copyrighted content immediately from our copy claimed pages/posts.