Carrom Disc Pool Mod Apk v2.0 (Unlimited Coins/Gems)

Mobile carrom games are becoming more popular than expected. Among all the pool games, Carrom Disc Pool is the best one. That’s why people also search regularly for the CARROM DISC POOL MOD APK. They want to play with this modded pool game because this mod version comes with unlimited strikes and 20 crore plus coins for free. Not only these but also you can repeat every move as many times you want. This strategy is very much similar to all of our other modded carroms game like Carrom Pool MOD Apk, etc..

carrom disc pool mod apkWhat are you thinking? We know, you also want this modded carrom disc pool game for your android phone. Don’t worry; you are in the right place. Here we come with a working Carrom Disc Pool unlimited coins generator for free.

You just need to click on the below download link and enjoy the carrom disc hacked game. Apart from that, here we also discuss its hacked features along with its officials. If you think that you need to know what are the features it has, then you can check. Otherwise, click on the main download link and get this Carrom Disc Pool MOD APK for free.

Download Link For Carrom Disc Pool MOD Apk v2.0.

downlaod carrom Disc Pool MOD Apk

Why You Download Our Carrom Disc Pool MOD APK?

As you know, you can easily download the official Carrom Disc Pool from Google Play store and play this game. But if you want unlimited strikes and unlimited coins on this game, then you have to download our carrom disc pool hack Mod Apk.

Apart from that, if you play with its official release version, then you experience a longer time for level up. But with our Carrom Disc Pool unlimited Mod game, you can quickly overs come all the queries and level up instantly.

The important is that you can easily defeat any of your opponents that might be shocking to him as our other customers do with Carrom King MOD game. It is because, in the game, you can put unlimited coins that no one can. Except for this, you have more features that we discuss in the next part of the article. Before that, we suggest you know the features of this mod game.

What Type Of Features This Carrom Disc Pool Hack Game has?

  1. PERFECT SHOT: For an experienced player, it will not be a difficult one to aim any carrom disc, but for a newcomer, you have to play 10 to 15 times to make sharpen your hand. Our Carrom Disc Hack MOD game, helps you to polish your side to aim the disc.
  2. SMOOTH CONTROL: Our Carrom Disc Hack comes with a smooth physics technique that helps you win all the matches.
  3. UNLOCK ALL NEW STRIKER: With our new MOD game, you can unlock all the strikers that make you amazing to play all the matches.
  4. NEW CARROM CLASSIC BOARD WITH NEW CONCEPT: Our Carrom Disc Pool MOD is a unique carrom board game that you can only experience if only you play any real carrom board game. This modded carrom game comes with a new classic board that makes this game more exciting.
  5. PLAY TRAINING GAMES AND SHARP YOUR BRAIN: The official Carrom Disc Pool Hack game helps you to improve your brain skills, concentration, and focuses.
  6. ALL OF YOU CAN PLAY: Our Carrom Pool MOdded Disc game created for everyone. You just need to click on the download link and play this carrom MOD game without any hesitation.

Carrom Disc Pool MOD App Info.:

Name Of ApkCarrom-Disc-Pool-Mod-2.0.apk
App versionv2.0
DeveloperIDZ Games
App DeveloperIDZ Games
Apk Size32 MB
CategoryCasual Board Game
Type Of GameExciting Puzzle Game
Platform RequiredFor Android 4.1
Total Downloaded1,00,000+,
LicenseFree License

Is This Carrom Disc Game Supported On PC?

As you know, this carrom Disc Pool game is not for the PC user. If you have a PC and want to play a carrom game, then you can try any PC carrom game. But if you want this Carrom Disc Pool game with all modded experience, then you have to download a PC emulator.

What do you think? Do you want this Carrom Disc Pool Unlimited coins MOd on your Pc or searching for an emulator? Don’t worry; we provide you everything here for free.

To download a PC emulator (Like Bluestacks) on your PC, click on the link and install it.

Final Word:

So, what do you think finally? You may want to download the mod version of this Carrom Disc Pool game. Before that, we want to tell you there are many Android Mod version of this carrom game available on the internet. But there might be a 70% chance not to work those files correctly.

Whereas our Carrom modded version is tested twice. So you can easily download and play this Carrom Disc Hack MOD game without any hesitation.

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