Best Action Games For Android | All Time Amazing Action Game 2018.

Finding perfect action game for Android is always a time-consuming work. We all know, there are a million games available in the Google Play store but to pick up the suitable one is not as easy as it looks. To find out the best action games for your Android whether you need to ask someone or you need to try several games.

If you check on the internet, you can see that there are many categories Android games available including fighting, shooting, racing-adventurous games. But all are not compatible with every Android device. That’s why you need to analyze these games features according to your device specification.

best action games for Andoird

Are you looking for some awesome action games for your Android? Here we will discuss all the best online and offline action games for Android.

List of Best Action games For Android:

1) Metal Squad: Shooting Game:

Metal Squad Shooting Game

In the Android shooting game world, Metal Squad is one of the most popular shooting game. It comes with few series levels and 30 different level which you have to cross one by one. In this game, you have to fight against series bosses, metal body enemies with the help of different weapons, metal tanks, swipe guns etc.

Apart from that Metal Squad comes with few amazing graphics, attractive sound quality, and music where you have to face every enemy bosses and kill them. Otherwise, you can’t go level up in this game. For its real action strategy, we listed this Metal Squad game on number one position for best Android action games.

2) DEAD Target: FPS Zombie Apocalypse Survival Games:

DEAD Target FPS Zombie Apocalypse Survival Games

DEAD Target Zombie is a devil rivalry game for Android and also over 30 million Android user love this game. In this game, you have to fight against virus effected prisoner people. According to this game, when the government doesn’t care CS corporation then they inject a virus into the prisoner’s body and they convert into a giant monster. In this game, you are in govt. site and you have to fight against these prisoners and kill them before they entered in the town region.

Though many of them play with DEAD Target official version then you need to play step by step level. But if you play with DEAD Target Cheat code then you can easily defeat all the enemies in a limited time.

3) Elite Killer: SWAT:

Elite Killer SWAT

In the list realistic 3D shooting game, Elite Killer: Swat is a first-person shooting action game for Android. You are specially trained on this avatar of this game. You just go to the gaming track and shoot all the enemies with the guns and tanks and bombs.

If you want to play this game then download it from Google Play store for free. One more thing I want to tell you that if you already play Counter-strike on your PC then you can realize how realistic is this Elite Killer: Swat game.

4) Gangstar Vegas – Mafia Game:

Gangstar Vegas - Mafia Game

Gangstar Vegas is another action game like DEAD Target. It is a passionate bike racing shooting game which developed by Gameloft. Here you have to fight against mafia enemies. There are different shooting guns, different styles of bike and cars available. You have to drive these cars in a passionate way and catch the enemies and shoot them.

For every Android passionate gamer, Gangstar Vegas is a suitable game. That’s why we listed this game in the fourth position. Apart from that if you want to play this game with varies shortcut then you have to download Gangstar Vegas MOD game on your Android.

5) Shadow Fight 2:

Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is another competitor action game which comes with free on the Google Play store. According to this game, you are wearing a Chinese wardress with different weapons (sharp blades, hand armor etc.). Though you will be a specially trained soldier, you have to fight the best kicker, jumper, puncher etc.

So, download this action game and play this Shadow Fight 2 game of the Shadow Fight game series. We pushed this game on the number 5 on our list of best Action games for Android.

6) The World 3: Rise Of Demon:

The World 3 Rise Of Demon

By the Good Game LLC, The World 3: Rise Of Demon is one the best action graphics game for Android. After the successive launches of “The World 2”, The World 3 also become more and more popular and also downloaded over 100000 from the Google Play store. So, download this action game on your Android device and enjoy.


We expect that you already found some of the best action games for your Android. All these games are free and compatible with your Android device. So, download one of the games from this list. After all of these, if you have any query regarding any game then please share in the below comment box.

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