Top 6 Best Android emulator for PC user.

Using an Android application on Windows PC is an exciting thing for any PC user. Android PC emulator is such type of software which can fulfill this requirement for a PC. But choosing a right Android emulator for PC user is always be a hassling work, and if you are not selecting a proper PC emulator for Android virtual platform, then your PC will be going to slow down. For sorting down your time, I am going to tell you some of best Android emulators software for a PC.
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Top android emulator for PC user:

  1. Droid4X:

    The droid4x android emulator is one of the best emulators for a lite weight PC version. Droid4X is a powerful software to run any Android app or game on a PC.
    Droid4xHere I will show you some of its features for which I set it as number one position.

    Features of Droid4X:

    • Droid4X is a very fast emulator and there are many shortcuts available like a mobile keyboard.
    • Easy Play Store access in a short time.
    • Has a wide-screen that allow Droid4X user for better user experience.
    • The most important things are its Graphics quality which is excellent.
    • It also supports copy-paste command code with on your computer.
    • Pre-rooted android platform.Here is your Droid4X download link.
  2. KO Player:

    KO PlayerKO player is the latest software on the list of Android emulator for PC user. Like Droid4X, it also creates a virtual android platform with few attractive features.

    KO Player features are:

    • Bigger screen with HD resolution-Crisp display.
    • Able to run multiple Gmail account(Following different steps).
    • Keyword shortcut.
    • Designed uniquely for playing Android games.
    • Its RAM and graphics are quite right to play any hardcore game.
      If you want to download KO player, so here is your download link.
  3. NOX App Player:

    Nox app PlayerFor a PC user, an Android PC emulator is essential to run Android apps and games. We are suggesting to use this emulator for its fastest working process throughout minimum PC configuration. Indirectly, to play any Android game on  PC, this is best as we ever experienced. Just look, why we are telling you to use this app:

    • You can check CPU and RAM uses while you are playing any Android game.
    • One shortcut key is available for Root hide and unhide.
    • Also, it has a GPS controller button which is a  socking technology for a PC emulator. If someone who loves to play a game like Pokemon Go, this is the best emulator for them.
      And this is for the download link NOX app Player.
  4. Windroy:

    WindroyWindroy emulator is one of the best emulators in the list of older Emulator software. We have heard that Windroy emulator is suitable for the older version of Windows device (Like – Windows XPetc.). For that reason, no one recommended for Windroy emulator for their PC.
    But if anyone wants to download Windroy for PC, just download from the link.

  5. Bluestacks:

    BluestacksBluestacks is a common emulator tool for any PC user. It is because the installation process of Bluestacks is very easy for any version of Windows PC. Apart from that its user interface is very easy to use. In this software, you can use multiple Gmail account to access for multiple Google Play store.
    Actually, from my point of view, it is the master of my Android emulator list.
    If you want to download and install Bluestacks on your PC, here I give you the download link.

  6. Make your Own:

    In this emulator list, “Make your own” emulator is the toughest one. If you are a perfect coder, then only I recommended you to install this emulator on your PC. otherwise, you can’t fix this one in the middle of its installation process.
    At first, download a Virtual Box from this link.If you already finish the downloading process, then just download an Android file image from Then just follow the installation guide which will automatically show you the path. Apart from these, it is very difficult to handle.

So, this is the list of topmost 6 free android emulators for PC Windows 7/8/8.1.

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I think after reading this article, you can choose easily a suitable android emulator for PC. Actually, in many cases, it can harm your PC graphics card. That’s why it is fully dependent on the PC’s configuration. From my point of view, I suggest that at first analyze all of the emulators then decide which will be perfect for your PC.

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  1. Awesome one. Never expected such type of article on this site. I love to use an emulator for my PC and Bluestacks is one of my favorite emulator ever.

  2. wooow so many out there !! I was knowing only Bluestacks, but now after reading your post, i know many thanks for educating and making me aware of these many emulators !!


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